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Have you been told you need to “Swear an Affidavit” and don’t really know what this means? Don’t worry, Edmonton Oaths can probably help you.

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An affidavit is a legal document where someone (whom lawyers like to refer to as the affiant or the deponent) makes a series of statements and then swears that these statements are true.

We can help you prepare affidavits.

we do not provide legal advice so we only provide drafting assistance in situations where legal advice isn’t required. For example, we can help you draw the affidavit that you want to get married! But we can’t help you draft an affidavit to support a claim in court; for that you really should see a lawyer.

We can help you “Swear” the Affidavit.

An affidavit has to be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public for it to be valid. We are Commissioners of Oaths and Notaries Public so we can do this for you. If we are preparing the affidavit for you, swearing it is part of the package.

Certified Copies of Online Documents

In most situations you will require a Statement in Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad from Canadian authorities. You will need a Statutory Declaration of your Marital Status and notarized copies of official documents and identification such as your Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence and/or Passport.

Getting Married Abroad

If you are preparing a wedding abroad it is mostly significant that you obtain all the necessary papers before you leave. You will need a Statutory Declaration of your Marital Status and notarized duplicates of official papers and ID’s.

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